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Ribbon Cutting Press Release and Stakeholder Workshop

Photo of PNNL researcher Subrato Chandra (left) giving a tour of the homes

PNNL researcher Subrato Chandra (left) gives a tour of the homes.

Photo of ribbon cutting

Ribbon Cutting is a group effort of PNNL researchers and key project sponsors. From left to right: Graham Parker, PNNL Research Engineer; Bob Hammond, Energy Services Director City of Richland; Diahann Howard, Executive Director Tri-Cities Research District; Julie Erickson, Deputy Manager of the Department of Energy Pacific Northwest Site Office; Kacie Bedney, Project Manager, Bonneville Power Administration; Dave Najewicz, Manager External Technology Programs at GE Appliances; Mike Rinker, Energy and Environment Directorate Sector Lead for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy; Subrato Chandra, PNNL Research Engineer.

Photo of PNNL researcher Graham Parker addressing the audience in front of the Baseline Homes.

PNNL researcher Graham Parker addressed the audience in front of the Baseline Homes.

November 14, 2011

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, along with its research partners, kicked off a research effort today that will use two identical 1,500 square-foot homes for experiments focused on reducing energy use and peak demand. Research and demonstration on the Lab Homes project will focus primarily on retrofit technologies, and the homes will offer a unique, side-by-side ability to test and compare new ideas and approaches that are applicable to site-built as well as manufactured homes in the region. The first project will be a six-month study of highly insulating windows, with additional research centered on smart appliances. In each study, one home will remain a control typifying an average existing home in the region, and the other will test a new technology. Occupancy in each home will be simulated to account for human activity.

Following the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, staff offered tours of the homes and held a stakeholder workshop to discuss future experiments.

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